Fabrice Moinet (FR/BE) is sound designer, sound engineer and software programmer. Born in France, Fabrice Moinet studied mathematics and science at the university of Bordeaux while always being involved in music and working with musicians. During his studies he started focusing on acoustics and received the training to be a sound engineer. For several years, he was a forum member of the IRCAM, he taught at the National Audiovisual Institute in Paris and was invited to the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He did the sound for numerous jazz and improvisation concerts with among others Bernard Lubat, Ursus Minor and Garlo, and continues to find specific set-ups and sound qualities for installations, concerts and performances. Recordings include the Belmondo Quintet (Plana Prod.), 'Improvista', a film by Pascal Convert on the improvisation-duo Bernard Lubat and Michel Portal, and the Q-O2 project 'Radu Malfatti Quintet', a concert recording with musicians (Radu Malfatti, Christian Kesten, Julia Eckhardt and others) who research a relation between improvisation and composition. Parallel to his activity as a sound engineer, Fabrice is passionate about finding peculiar soft- and hardware setups and electronic solutions for contemporary art productions: he collaborated with the French hip hop choreograph Frank II Louise, with contemporary composer Benedict Mason, developed soft- and hardware for the Moulin Rouge in Paris and programmed the software for Christina's installation 'Turning Dreams and Shifting Harbors' shown in Los Angeles in 2003.
Fabrice collaborated to several fieldworks-productions:  you are here, Field Works-hotel, Field Works-office, nothing’s for something, Borrowed Landscape, as if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember, THE OTHEROOM and unwritten conversation.