An intimate performance for one individual spectator, in a hotel room

A hotel room: another “non-place.” Inhabited, yet uninhabited. Home for a night. A television whispering to itself. A buzzing minibar. The sound of people snoring, in neighboring rooms, pierces the flimsy walls. Pillows without a smell. Clinically white towels. Someone else will be sleeping here tomorrow. A hotel room as a site of everyday life poetry.
In their very intimate and playful performances, Yukiko Shinozaki and Heine Avdal create dream-like, absurd in-between worlds by means of subtle shifts in reality.
One spectator at a time is sucked into the mysterious past of an ordinary hotel room. How many people have stayed here? What happened here before I came in? Am I really alone? Or can I hear the room breathing? Do you remain a silent spectator? Or will you become a character in the story?
Field Works-hotel is an intimate performance for one spectator at the time. Duration: 25 min.


Premiere: October 27, 2009 at Perfect Performance-Stockholms Internationella Scenkonstfestival