I am not strange, I am simple.
What am I?

 is a meditation on expectations, routines and colliding logics. In this performance fieldworks have engaged in a collective process reflecting on their past practice and methods. Strategies that have been developed through former productions that work with and in public spaces are being explored further within the promises of the theatre space. 

The theatre transforms into a dream machine, serving as an interface between the tangible realm of gestures and the potential for abstractive readings. Through building and breaking patterns, the theatre is dissected in a speculative fabulation on what (the world) is, has been and can be.
The concept of folding and unfolding plays a central role in the exploration of until. This concept extends to both spatial considerations and the positioning of the body within that space. until is an invitation into a collective process of reflecting together, or align our thoughts in an exploration of various ways of coming together, be it in groups or the coexistence of individuals. In the lack of habits, what brings us together?