New project for 2022-2023

A gap can be a movement
A gap can be a thought
A gesture can mean many things

in gaps & patches takes place in different types of locations. A core of dancers with local guests perform unplugged sculptures and picnic experiments in an arboreal blur.
The sculptures set out on journeys. They move along different pathways passing through and spending time in different types of sceneries. This is a long durational, task orientated fluid performance with no beginning and no end. The performance adapts to situations, settings and contexts at hand in an ongoing search for interaction with the environment. Among other things, we use various forms of "string figures" as a method of accentuating details in a landscape. By employing bodies, papers, textiles and ropes, the dancers measure and produce frames that emphasize specific aspects and scales in a larger landscape, as part of an urban image or in a natural area. By integrating such frameworks or emphases, we highlight alternative readings of the (human) body's connection to time, space and the environment.
How does the body connect with - or differ from - its surroundings, other bodies, other entities or elements? What does this mean in our present time, which is strongly disorienting and forces us to constantly question our position in and in relation to the world.

Premiere: Oslo International Theater Festival, March 2022