Anne-Catherine Kunz is a costume designer who has also participated in video, documentary, and multimedia productions. She has been the costume director for Rosas between 2000 and 2013 and created costumes for Small Hands (out of the lie of no) (2001), Zeitung (2008), The Song (2009), En Atendant (2010), Cesena (2011), Partita 2 (2013), and Vortex Temporum (2013) as well as for various productions by Josse De Pauw, Vincent Dunoyer, Deufert-Plischke, Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croizé, including Nine Finger by Fumiyo Ikeda, Alain Platel, and Benjamin Verdonck.

Anne-Catherine designed the costumes for as if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember.