Orfee Schuijt is a dancer/performer/singer from France and The Netherlands, based in Norway since 2012. She graduated from the Dance department of the Theaterschool of Amsterdam (2005-2009), and has since then worked for various choreographers such as Arno Schuitemaker, Sanna Myllylathi, Itamar Serruci, Guilio D´Anna and most recently for Keren Levi and Francesco Scavetta. She makes her own work together with the Poro Collective (FI), and made a solo in collaboration with composer Kim Myhr. Orfee also works together with Leela May Stokholm on Schuijt&Stokholm, an art collective gathering text, poetry and illustrations. She is also part of the band of avantgarde singer/songwriter Jenny Hval.
Orfee performs in as if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember and unannounced.