Dolores Hulan is a performer, dancer and choreographer, who works and lives in Brussels/Belgium. For her artistic practice she considers it to be important, if not essential, to work both for and with other artists/makers/choreographers as well as continuing her own research and practice.
In Vienna (Austria) she worked with Willi Dorner and Milli Bitterli and from 2002 to 2006 she joined the company Contiuum - Brice Leroux (“Gravitataions” and “Quasar” as well as “Flocking” in 2012). Since then she has worked with a.o. Mette Ingvartsen (“Giant City”), Vincent Dunoyer (“Encore”), Eleanor Bauer (“A Dance For The Newest Age”) and Ariel Efraim Ashbel (“All White People Look The Same To Me”). Currently she is working with An Kaler on the new creation “Contingencies”, to be premiered in 2014.
Her own pieces include “No Sweet Conclusions” (2001), “(Blind) I walk”(2002), “Gudrun,” (2003) and “White Spaces” – together with Joanna Bailie and Christoph Ragg (2005). In 2007 she started her collaboration with Carl de Smet/noumenon which resulted in the pieces “Performing Qualia |1| & |2| “. “Redefine” has been her last solo work - in collaboration with Eugénie Poste (costume) and Jerry Killick (dramaturgy).

Dolores was involved as a performer in Borrowed Landscape-Brussels and The seventh floor of the world.