Christelle Fillod (1974) is a visual artist and performer. She graduated from the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon, and was resident in Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts. She created site-specific installation, video work and performances.

Her work is the emerging experience on a research about perception: on how a specific reality is given to our senses, on how do we travel through the layer of the senses, on how to perceive outside of a predetermined culture, on how to move the point of assembly, on how to expand the world from within.

Collaboration is an essential element of her work, and often she invites or joins Gary Hill on various artistic proposals. She also collaborated with a.o. Christian Châtel (FR/NO), Fiorenza Menini (FR / IT), Christine DeSmedt (B), Meg Stuart (B/US), Sachiyo Takahashi (JP), ...

She collaborated as co-director to Inner Horizon and Breaking through the roof of its house, created the drawings and the graphic for nothing’s for something and participates for performance/graphic to Field Works-office.