Baltic Circle: “Ribs, Knees and Shoulder-blades.”

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The students of International Performance Research (MA) write about their experiences during Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival for Feel free to comment, question and give some feedback on Sarah Ibrahim’s review of Field Works Hotel by Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki.

I am on the search for clues left for me unlike any hotel room where one does not expect t
09/11/2012: Sarah Ibrahim over Field Works-hotel

report on ZDF.kultur
Thu 15-11-2012 : ZDF-kultur

Performatik focuses on contemporary performance art, not only from the perspective of theatre and dance, but also the visual arts. What about your relation with the visual arts?
Heine:  We’re dealing with the codes of the theatre. What we present has a duration, a beginning and an end, a dramaturgy. That makes what we do ‘performing arts’. It can sometimes blend into other art fields, but that is something we don’t really specify very clearly before we work on a project. When we work things start to happen, and we relate to these things as they happen in the
28/02/2011 - interview voor Kaaitheater brochure

Field Works-hotel selected as 'best dance performance' in Bergen of 2011 by Natt & Dag
28/02/2011 - Natt & Dag

Andrej Klahn van de Duitse radiozender WDR 3 over Field Works-hotel, nav van de voorstellingen in februari 2014 in het Maritim Hotel in Gelsenkrichen (DE):
20/02/2014 - WDR 3 over 'Field Works-hotel'