Concept and direction
Heine Avdal
Yukiko Shinozaki
Sachiyo Takahashi

Created with & performed by
Heine Avdal
Luke George
Dolores Hulan
Yukiko Shinozaki
Sachiyo Takahashi/Nekaa Lab

Also performed by
Ingrid Haakstad
Eivind Seljeseth

Dance & co-creation during the rehearsal period
Kayoko Minami

Sound design and video
Sachiyo Takahashi/Nekaa Lab

Light design, artistic collaboration and technical direction
Arnaud Meuleman

Assistant scenography
Margerite Monnoyen
Produced by
fieldworks (Brussels)
Heine Avdal (Oslo)

Co-produced by
Dansefestival Barents (Hammerfest)

In collaboration with
BRONKS (Brussels)

With the support of Norsk Kulturråd, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie