The Portuguese journalist and author Claudia Galhós followed the Dansefestival Barents in Hammerfest (NO) and reflected daily on the performances she saw. Below are her impressions about a.o. 'The seventh floor of the world'. The online link can be found here.

About shadows, dreams and reality
by Claudia Galhós - November 9 2013 -

What if you could go back and find a dream you dreamt years ago? Hunter Lee Soik asks this question. And he built what it is considered the answer to this. But before telli
impressions by Claudia Galhós

A mysterious journey, shifting between reality and fairy tale. Sidsel Pape has met the artists behind the children's performance 'The seventh floor of the world' at Dansefestival Barents. For the interview, click here. The text is written in Norwegian.
Interview by Sidsel Pape for Scenekunst - 25/11/2013