Fri 28-09-2018 carry on   Teateret, Kristiansand
Sat 29-09-2018 carry on   Teateret, Kristiansand
Sun 30-09-2018 carry on   Teateret, Kristiansand
Tue 16-10-2018 Box with holes   Trafo-Budapest (Hu), Budapest
Wed 17-10-2018 Box with holes   Trafo-Budapest (Hu), Budapest

The Otheroom at Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow on September 16

featuring the music of Rolf Wallin and the double-bell brass quartet of Musikfabrik: Marco Blaauw, Christine Chapman, Melvyn Poore and Bruce Collings


distant voices wins 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'

distant voices won the Polish 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'
...for art that provokes thinking and stimulates imagination, enabling everyone to find his/her own sense of it.

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