Yukiko Shinozaki’s (JP/BE) work focuses on internal complexities and contradictions of the body. The process of transformation takes an important role in her movement vocabulary: through subtle shifts and manipulations, familiar actions slowly transform into an unfamiliar realm/landscape. She considers artistic collaborations as an important factor in her work and she consciously integrates coincidental elements that arrive in encounters with different artists and situations. She mainly works in an intuitive way, yet she is also fascinated by something beyond her imagination.

After studying classical ballet in Tokyo, Shinozaki moved to the U.S. She has studied contemporary dance and psychology at the Portland State University. After graduating, she lived in New York working as a freelance dancer as well as showing her solo works at various venues. In 1997 she moved to Brussels, where she worked with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods until 2001. 

Since 2000 she has, in collaboration with Heine Avdal, produced and created more than 15 different projects. Currently they are touring internationally with Field Works-hotel, Field Works-office, Borrowed Landscape, nothing’s for something, The seventh floor of the world, distant voices and as if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember. In 2015 they are also working on a new project, entitled carry on.